Online games developer and software provider Wagerworks has launched its latest blackjack offering, Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus.
A statement from the company comments that in other Blackjack games, the player continues to play without the offer of insurance even if the Dealer has a hidden Blackjack. Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus adopts instead the powerful American Blackjack rule where the dealer checks for Blackjack immediately, keeping players from needlessly risking more money, a feature which will no doubt appeal to both casual and novice players.
In Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus, players can fully cash in on advantageous hands like a double-down and hit on split Aces. Combined with the ability to double down on any two cards, double down after splits, and dealer stands on soft 17, the game goes some way to meeting the company's claims that it is one of the most generous in  its genre. And an additional bet pays the player the biggest initial two card hands if he or she has Blackjack or 20, and pays even bigger if the player's hand does not win.