A new game for the Wii game-playing system will have to be handled sensitively by the company's WiiWare division but has solid adult potential. The game, developed by GameLoft is branded Sexy Poker and has been accused of using nudity as a reward.
The game has already run into approval difficulties with the draconian Australian Classification Board, which has ruled that Sexy Poker can not be sold Downunder, reports the information website g4tv.com.
According to the board, Sexy Poker uses nudity as a reward in the game, and that is against Australia's rules. Hey! World's largest poker site giving away $50 free. Visit Pokerstars to claim.
"In the Board’s view Sexy Poker offers depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward to interactive game play. In the Board’s view, the general rule in the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games prohibiting depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward, applies to the game play described above, as the player is shown increasingly detailed amounts of nudity following successful game-play," the board said in a statement.
In short, Sexy Poker is a classic strip-poker game that pits a player's card-playing prowess against six sexy female opponents who wager clothing instead of money.