The WPT's millionaire champions are trying to survive the estimated 600-field shootout for the$12-$15 million WPT World Championship. If the prize pool reaches those lofty heights, threepeople will be bagging $1+ million paychecks. Alternately, it could be an opportunity for an unknown player to take the day and sweep-up the estimated $3.5 million dollar prize.

In the largest gathering of WPT poker millionaires ever, fans will be looking out for their favorite professional poker player when the event begins April 18 – 24 at Bellagio in Las Vegas. "The challenge for these players and all the WPT champions is to show that that they are not a one hit wonder," says Steve Lipscomb, founder and CEO of WPT Enterprises, Inc. "There's a lot of pressure on these guys. They have to fight through the toughest field in poker with a veritable bulls-eye on their backs."

With close to $100 million in prize money waiting to be won at the WPT, men and women areeager to reach out and grab their share. Since the WPT went on the air in March 2003, more than50 people have become WPT Poker Millionaires, and many of these WPT millionaires were unknowns when they made it to a WPT Final Table.