Online poker star Thayer Rasmussen is putting in a good performance on the real tables and is chip leader after day-two at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Borgata.

The player – who goes by the online moniker of THAY3R – started the second day in ninth place with just over 183,000 chips.

However, by the end of play, he had increased his stack to 904,500. He snatched pole position in the final hand of the night.

Rasmussen called an all-in by his opponent to reveal K-Q to the other players K-3.

The field has now narrowed considerable since the opening 24 hours of play, with the 302 competitors dropping to just 68 people.

If Rasmussen manages to retain his winning streak, he will pocket the $1,424,500 first-place prize.

Last year, the American card sharp's best performance at the WPT was at the Bellagio where he placed fourth, taking home over $40,000.