88 Free 2010 Wsop Seats

Now everyone has a chance to play at this year's World Series of Poker with an impressive 8 ways to win one of 88 WSOP packages – even if you aren't the best poker player out there. Register now.

Players can choose one or more of the following ways:

· Persistence Pays: Race to play the most raked hands

· Race Your Way: Race to earn the most poker Status Points

· Bring Your Buddies: Refer as many friends as possible

· Social Success: For YouTube, Facebook and Twitter fans

· Cards and coins: Race to earn the most casino and poker Status Points

· Bounty Hunter: Knock out the poker celebs or come first in one of the tourneys

· Tourney Lovers: Race to play the most tourneys with the biggest buy-ins

· One For The Ladies: Ladies only race to earn the most poker Status Points

Some of the 8 ways run 3 times over the course of the 3 month promotion period, while others run as one round over 3 months.

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This promotion opens the prestigious World Series of Poker event to everyone, regardless of poker playing ability.