Joining other US-legal poker websites like PurePlay this week is the newly launched and quaintly branded, which offers a subscription club form of free online poker tournament play where members can win prizes, thus complying with the often confusing US legal requirements.
The professional and well presented site is owned by a private Minnesota company that has launched a slick  Pokerstarsmarketing program embracing both online media and video promotions on MySpace and YouTube. The site offers tournament action, along with community facilities such as a forum and chat rooms, and a blog.
Perhaps underlining its legal acceptance, the site is serviced by PayPal – known for its anti-online gambling stance prior to the UIGEA in the United States.
“What makes Zosoz different from other online poker clubs is that we give away the most online poker tournament sweepstakes prizes annually — daily $1 000 tournaments, weekly $10 000 tournaments, monthly $100 000 tournaments and a yearly $1 million tournament,” claims Tim Belisle, co-founder and president.
“Players will be thrilled with our Flash-based game client and the potential to win part of our $3.5 million in annual sweepstakes prizes.” Subscriptions are $19.99 per month and are limited to adults 18 and older.