Posted 5/21/11 :

Fourteenth acquisition in a year
Social gaming company Zynga Incorporated has agreed to purchase San Francisco-based games developer, DNA Games Incorporated for an undisclosed consideration.
Fresh from its acquisition last month of UK-based mobile developer Wonderland Software, this purchase will be the companies fourteenth in the past 12 months.
DNA Games founded in 2009 by Jonathan Lee and Shaun Haase has developed a number of popular games such as Casino City, Slot City and Bar World on Facebook.
A Zynga spokesperson confirmed that DNA Games' employees would form the core of a studio focused on creating new titles with Jonathan Lee staying on as General Manager reporting to Mark Skaggs, Senior Vice-President Product Development for Zynga.
“DNA Games has a proven track record developing highly engaging social games and a technology platform that enables rapid optimisation of game features and design.  Its expertise will be a valuable asset in next-generation game development for Zynga."