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Gambling Guide | Gambling Strategy Tips | How To Win While Gambling

casino Bonus

If you found this article hoping to happen upon the Holy Grail of betting, the panacea that will cure all your gambling woes, you're going to be disappointed. No betting tips and tricks are included in this article. You won’t find a specific tactic or trick that will immediately help you win more money more often. This isn’t an oversight on my part or some kind of power trip, and I’m not keeping some secret from you or trying to sell you an eBook that contains the hidden secrets of gambling. The reason you won’t find those things is simple; no such tricks exist.

The point of this article is to prove to gamblers, once and for all, that there is no secret to winning in the casino. Outside of collusion or armed robbery, there is nothing you can do to pocket more of the house’s cash. Instead bettors should focus on learning strategy from a reputable source.

Every game on the floor, whether it’s luck-based like a slot machine or skill-based like blackjack, can be played from a strategic angle that either makes the game more fun or increases your chances of winning. Combine that strategy with bankroll management techniques and you’ve got a recipe for casino success. People looking for tricks that lead to an easy payday are starting off on the wrong foot. Those looking for strategy and common-sense money management advice are a step ahead of the game.

Here are a few tips to start you down the path toward having more fun (and maybe even winning a little more often) at betting websites or on the floor of a Vegas casino.

Blackjack Strategy Guide | How To Play 21 | Blackjack Tips

blackjack strategy guide

Blackjack : Probably one of the most famous table games in the world, easy to play, but hard to win unless you play the right way. Below is all you need to know about the game of blackjack and some tips to help you win.

  1. How To Play Blackjack : Quick Guide on how to play blackjack. basic blackjack strategy and information.
  2. Tips For New Blackjack Players  : Some tips that every backjack players should know. Tips for both live blackjack games and online 21 games.
  3. Tips for Advanced Blackjack Players - Advanced blackjack tips will help you bring your game to the next level when you have mastered the basics.
  4. Beating Blackjack - Many people love to play because they dream of actually beating blackjack. How do you go about beating blackjack
  5. Blackjack Bankroll Management - The fast pace of blackjack has gotten countless people in a financial bind. You go to the casino expecting to have fun and win big and then leave.
  6. When to Double Down or Take Insurance - There are a couple areas of this game that are not very well understood and that is when to double down and when to take insurance.
  7. Playing Blackjack on the Internet - If you love the game of blackjack but you just don’t get to the casino all that often, you might want to think about playing blackjack on the internet.
  8. Online vs. Live Blackjack - Today you can choose to play blackjack online your can play it live in the casino. Both options will provide hours of entertainment and fun, so which is the right option for you
  9. Online Blackjack Card Counting - Card counting has been used for ages to help players determine when they should hit or when they should stand in the game of blackjack.
  10. Is Backjack Rigged - Many people who play blackjack online wonder if it is rigged. It can be frustrating when you experience loss after loss or when things just don’t seem quite right.

Slots Strategy Guide | How To Play Slots | Slots Tips

How To Play slots
  1. How To Play Slots - Quick Guide and a few basic tips on how to play slots, covers both online slots and land based casino slots.
  2. Online Slots vs. Live Slots - If you asked 10 people which was better online slots or real slots chances are that you would get a split decision. You should try out both options if you are not sure and see which appeals to you more.
  3. Tips for New Slots Players - Slot machines are usually very much alike, but there is one thing that may vary from machine to machine and that is the cost of play. You will usually have the option to deposit a variety of different coin amounts into the machine.
  4. Three Reel Slots: Classic Casino Fun - Many people prefer the three reel slots to five reel, so if you have never tried them before you should give it a shot, you might really enjoy your time.
  5. Five Reel Slots: A Twist on the Classic - Five reel slots gives everyone a great chance to win, even if the winnings are not big. The game is still all about luck, but when you have more pay lines you increase the odds a little bit with each additional line in your favor.
  6. Progressive Slots - Progressive slots are offered by most casinos, both local and online. When you win with one of these machines you can usually stand to win a lot more than if you played on a machine that is not of a progressive nature.
  7. Tips for Advanced Slots Players - If you have been playing slots for awhile you may be wondering what you can do better. Is there something that you are doing wrong that you don’t win as much as you think you should?
  8. Slots Bankroll Management - Slots is one of the most popular casino games of all time. The reason is that it is easy to play, fast paced, and you can win sizable amounts of money from these machines if you get lucky.
  9. Beating the Slot Machines - These are very common questions and everyone who has ever played slots has wondered if they will ever actually beat the machine. The bottom line is that there is not a way to beat the machine since they are all about luck.
  10. Are Slots Rigged ? - If you have spent any time playing slots you have probably wondered if the slots are rigged. If you spend any amount of time in casinos or learning about slots you have probably overheard others asking this question.

Video Poker Strategy Guide | How To Play Video Poker | Video Poker Tips

how to play video poker

Video Poker : Video poker is a rather new way to play poker and it is a variant that appeals to many people.  It is a great option when you want something quick and easy, but you still want to play poker.  This is not a difficult game to play, although you should be aware of the differences between classic poker games and video poker games.

  1. How To Play Video Poker : Quick intro guide on how to play the many different types of video poker.
  2. Basic Video Poker Srategy : There are many video poker strategies that you can use to your benefit to help you swing the odds of winning this game of chance in your favor.
  3. Tips For New Video Poker Players : A few tips to help out new gamblers increase there odds while playing video poker.
  4. The Best Video Poker Hands : Video Poker hand guide.
  5. Internet Video Poker : Tips and strategy for playing Video Poker online.
  6. Video Poker Payouts : Video poker payouts is a term that is used to refer to the payments that you will receive for specific hands and/or games on a video poker machine and/or online game.
  7. Video Poker Bankroll Management : Learn how to controll your gambling bankroll to give you a bigger chance to win while playing Video Poker.
  8. Beating Video Poker - There are some basic as well as some more advanced things that you can practice to have a better chance at beating video poker.
  9. Tips For Advanced Video Poker Players - If you have been playing video poker for some time and you are ready to learn more and do more with the game you may not know where to start.
  10. Is Video Poker Rigged - Whether or not video poker is rigged is an age old question. Well, at least as old as video poker.

Roulette Strategy Guide | How To Play Roulette | Roulette Tips

How To Play roulette

Roulette : If you want to learn how to play roulette you will find that it is actually very simple and you only need to know a few things to begin playing roulette. The following roulette articles and strategy guide will help to get you on a winning streak and keep you there.

  1. Roulette Beginners Guide - A quick reference guide to roulette to help get you started.
  2. How To Play Online Roulette - A short intro on the way online roulette operates.
  3. House Odds In Roulette - Before playing roulette you should know the odds.
  4. Roulette Strategy and Tips - Some basic roulette strategy and tips to help you become a winner while playing roulette both online and offline.
  5. Roulette bankroll management - You will never win at roulette unless you know how to manage your gambling bankroll.
  6. Is Roulette Rigged ? - The answer to the question asked by every roulette player.

Craps Strategy Guide | How To Play Craps | Craps Tips

How To Play Craps

Craps : Craps is an exciting game. When you enter a brick and mortar casino you can usually find the craps table with your eyes closed. How? You’ll simply follow the hoots and hollers, especially if the dice are hot. The craps table needs to be understood if you want to play the game, and many people feel intimidated by the table that is meant specifically for craps.

  1. How To Play Craps - Quick beginners guide on how to play craps
  2. Online Craps Guide - Detailed how to play craps guide, with a focus on online play.
  3. House Odds In Craps - Craps is an exciting game in which there are many betting options. If you want to be a winning craps player you must understand the odds.
  4. Basic Craps Strategy - For new craps players both online craps and casino craps. just a quick intro to the game and basic betting.
  5. Advanced Craps Strategy - For the more experienced craps player, focuses on both online craps and casino craps. More detailed betting info .
  6. Craps Bankroll Management - Learn how to manage your gambling bankroll. When to call it quits while playing craps.

Place bets that give you the best odds

People new to casino gambling too often overlook the fact that some games are designed to give the house a bigger advantage than others, such as craps. Want to win more while betting? Figure out which games offer you the best odds, practice those games until you know the best bets available (meaning those bets most likely to make you a winner), and stick to those games and those wagers. If you play only those games that give the house a small edge, and place bets that favor the gambler rather than the house, you should find yourself losing less often every time you bet.

The downside to placing bets that favor the player more? Casinos know the math behind their games better than you, and they set up payout schedules so that you win less money when you place even-money or close to even-money bets. What does that mean for you? The safest wagers, the ones that make you a smarter and happier bettor, are the ones least likely to make you rich. Find the games and bet options with the best odds by studying the rules of each betting game you approach, and ignore the impulse to lay down a bet on a longshot, no matter how high the potential payout.

Ignore gambling systems

A happy bettor is one who loses the least amount of money per hour. Think of it this way - a movie ticket costs anywhere from $7 to $20, giving you a couple hours of entertainment at a decent price. Any casino bet you place that keeps you entertained for a small amount of money is a smart bet.

Unfortunately, too many people fall for gambling systems that promise big returns. These secrets to placing winning bets are available to anyone with $9 and access to an eReader. Don't waste your money on gambling systems. By handing someone cash for a strategy book that promises "can't-lose" betting, you're already a few bucks in the hole. No gambling system, besides complex card-counting tactics in blackjack, will make you a better gambler.

If you ignore any and all gambling systems, be they cheap eBooks, free PDF files, or chain email forwards, you're already ahead of the game. No one can teach you anything about betting that gives you an edge against the casino. Why don't gambling systems work? Get out your calculator and look at the rules of any casino game. Mathematics is at the heart of every casino game, simple statistics that guarantee casino profits. The most common example used to show why gambling systems don't work is the game of blackjack. Statistically-speaking, it is common for a blackjack player to lose seven even-money bets in a row.You can test this by flipping a coin a hundred times and recording the results. Sometimes, streaks just happen, and there's no rhyme or reason to them.

According to math junkies much smarter than you and me, a streak of seven losses or wins in any even-money bet happens about 1.1% of the time. That means if you play 100 hands of blackjack, you're likely to experience a long winning or losing streak. Since casino experts estimate blackjack players see about 80 decisions an hour, these kinds of streaks are extremely common. Ignore gambling strategy and save the money you would have spent on that bogus eBook promising big returns on bets for casino chips.

Get lucky

Our final tip for winning at betting is to get lucky. Unless you can count cards at the blackjack table or collude with a game's dealer to rig the outcome, nothing but luck can make you a more profitable bettor. Gambling is meant to be a form of entertainment. The best way to win when you place bets is to have Lady Luck on your shoulder. A correct bet placed at the right time can turn a losing session into a profitable betting experience. For example, being dealt a Ace-Ace split in blackjack after you place a big wager is likely to turn you into a happy bettor, since the odds are in your favor with that kind of hand. Since you can't do anything to influence the dealer to hand you that awesome hand, you just have to depend on luck.

Following the simple advice above won't help you win more often, but it will help you have more fun when you bet. No tricks exist that guarantee a profit from casino gambling. Sticking to advantageous wagers and learning basic strategy for the games you play are good ways to improve your chances, but strategy and money management alone won’t turn you into a professional gambler overnight.

Learning to have more fun when you gamble is more difficult than it sounds, especially if you are convinced you can find a secret strategy for beating the house. Even professional gamblers have to deal with Lady Luck’s many moods. Some days you win, some days you lose. Embracing that philosophy and learning to approach gambling as a form of entertainment are (ironically) the first steps to becoming a better gambler.

Other Casino games

How To Play Craps

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