Tips For Advanced Video Poker Players

If you have been playing video poker for some time and you are ready to learn more and do more with the game you may not know where to start. You avoided progressive games, you played the minimum number of coins, you chose only jacks or better machines, and you read the payout tables. Now what? Now that you have gotten the hang of things you can start implementing playing strategies that will help you increase your skill level so that you can start playing with more coins with confidence.

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First things first, it’s important to remember that even with the best strategies and knowledge that you may lose every single cent that you bet. The reason for this is that even the skilled player is playing a game of chance. Sometimes Lady Luck will be with you and sometimes she won’t!

Your first tip that you should implement into your video poker game play is to never keep a kicker with any pair. When you choose to keep a kicker you are reducing your return by five percent. That is huge in terms or payout, so you need to stop hanging onto that kicker.

Next, you should never draw four cards if you are able to draw three and complete a royal flush. Many people doubt themselves and draw that fourth card. This is where stopping and thinking about what you are doing before you do it will really help out in your game play.

You should always keep five card winning pat hands when you are playing video poker. If you didn’t know that before you know it now. Of course, there is one exception to this video poker rule and that is if you can draw one card to a royal flush.

You should never break a flush even if you can draw one to create a straight flush, as tempting as this may be. However, you should always choose to break a flush to draw a royal. Additionally, you should never break a straight to draw a straight flush and you should never draw five cards if you have a hack or better. Last but not least, do not keep a ten card for a four card draw.

As you can see, these are some more advanced level tips for those who enjoy video poker. If you are overwhelmed by all of the concepts you should work them into your game play one by one as you are comfortable with them. Once you make them a part of your game these strategies will become second nature, but it may take some practice to get there. No worries, you have all of the time and the game play opportunity that you could ever need with brick and mortar and online casinos both offering video poker games.

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