Posted 2/24/11 : Larger lobbies, team tournaments… and even webcam facilities.
The latest software upgrade in 888.com's online poker offering supports larger lobbies, team tournaments and an innovative new webcam mode branded Pokercam.
Selected tables at 888poker will be designated as Pokercam-only tables, where every online player will be required to have a webcam on their hardware. This will enable them to literally eyeball their opponents in order to pick up on tells, and to speak to one another through a built-in VOIP communications client that operates on a similar principle to Skype.
Designated tables will be marked with a webcam icon and limited to 30 players per table.
A 888.com spokesman said this week that the Pokercam tables concept had been in development for some time.
"We believe that real poker is not just about winning money, but about the thrill, the fun, the  excitement and the social poker experience," said Maytal Ginzburg, 888's VP for poker.
"Online poker has been traditionally focused on the ‘money making' element – we feel that there is no reason why online poker should not enable players to meet, socialise and play together."