Is this a counter to the Adelson war against internet gambling?
American Gaming Association chief Geoff Freeman reiterated his trade body's support for the regulation and licensing of online poker Monday, reprising his arguments voiced last week in the wake of the Adelson attack on internet gambling
Speaking on the "The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd" show, Freeman said that regulation, not prohibition, will protect consumers who want to gamble online for money.
People will spend money on online gambling whether it’s legal or not, Freeman pointed out, criticising attempts to ban online gambling in the United States, which include a well-funded campaign by Las Vegas Sands land casino baron and Republican benefactor Sheldon Adelson.
“Those opponents that want to pretend the Internet doesn’t exist, that we can squeeze the Internet back into the bottle, they’re behind the times,” Freeman said.
“Regulating this product is the best choice that we have if we want to protect consumers; if we want to ensure the integrity of the games; if we want to give law enforcement the tools that they need.”
Freeman called on the federal government to set standards and “minimum consumer protections” for the online gambling sphere.
“It’s their responsibility,” he said. “In the absence of the federal government stepping in, states are moving forward.”