APPT Melbourne Final Table

Sunday August 1, 2011 :  Finalists compete for A$330,000 main prize
In Melbourne, Australia nine players survived to a final table in the Asia Pacific Poker Tour V's first stop, with New Zealander Phil Willcocks (28) continuing his long run as chip leader in this exciting event into the Day 4 finale, and a A$330,000 incentive to excel.
The final table of survivors from an original field of 260 is:
• Phillip Willcocks                  2,317,000
• Leo Boxell                          1,170,000
• Phares Bouya                     910,000
• Michael Frydman                741,000
• William Jones                     730,000
• Jackson Zheng                   640,000
• Julius Colman                     513,000
• Van Marcus                        346,000
• Eddie Mascardi                  335,000
When play recommenced Monday, it took only four hands for the first player, Julius Colman, to be eliminated in a clash with William Jones. Colman headed for the cashier and a ninth placing payday of A$27,000.
When InfoPowa went to press the action was at  level 20 and the chip lead had changed, with Steve Bouya leading on 1.7 million, ahead of three other players who had cracked the million chip mark, William Jones (1.4 million); Phillip Willcocks (1,2 million) and Leo Boxell (1,1 million).
The next player eliminated takes home A$36,700.