“If customers want to do it on their mobile, they will find a way to do it…” says Unibet exec.

Unibet chief executive Henrik Tjarnstrom, in an interview with The Australian, said the proposed banning of in-play betting by Australian politicians would ultimately feed the black market as customers seek a way to continue play.

Tjarnstrom reiterated his view that a regulated environment, channelling all in-play betting, was the way to go.

“The demand is still there and if the regulated operators can’t offer it and there is no strong enforcement against the unregulated operators, the alternative is always one click away and the customers will find it,” Tjarnstrom said.
Unibet Australia’s click-to-call has been well received by Aussie punters, currently ranking as one of Unibet’s most popular products, but further investment and development will depend on which way the regulatory environment moves.

“In the end, it is the customer that decides. The regulation has to reflect what they want to have, and sooner or later that will happen,”  Tjarnstrom opines.