Posted 3/4/11 : Aimed at the younger demographic
Betfair Casino has started airing its new television advertising campaign, it's first since 2008.
Targeted on the younger demographic of men aged between 18 and 34, the 30 second advert punts a GBP20 no deposit bonus promo and will run until March 30th after 10.30pm on Channel 4 and Five in the UK. The campaign is expected to attract the attention of over 2.5 million possible punters.
Richard Bloch, international PR manager at Betfair said, "Betfair Casino is excited to be back on UK TV with its latest advert. This integrated six figure campaign will highlight our award winning product as well a unique sign up bonus which we hope our UK customers will enjoy".
Betfair Casino includes the Zero Lounge, where there is no house edge and players have an equal chance of winning or losing, leading to better payouts for players and more exciting action on the gaming table. First introduced in 2006, Zero Lounge now includes three popular online games, Zero Baccarat, Zero Blackjack and Zero Jacks or Better.