Wednesday August 29,2012 : BETFRED VS. GRANNY ROUND 2 (Update)
A surprising mistake in a toxic environment
The betting row between Olympic gymnast Sam Oldham's granny and gambling group Betfred  just won't go away it appeared Tuesday as allegations were made that the bookie's acrimonious GBP 1000 payment was uncashable.
Granny Linda Aldred reported that the Betfred cheques sent to her and her sister after a bitter dispute in the media were both unsigned, a strange error given the toxic environment in which the exchanges took place.
Aldred was quick to point out in a statement to information site Gambling911: “BetFred say they send out plenty of cheques (so) it is not unusual for an odd one to go unsigned. Strange that two in the same dispute happen not to have been signed.”
Common sense dictates that Betfred move quickly to make the payments good in order to defuse further criticism on an issue which has not portrayed the group in the best light.