Breakout Coin Launches


Breakout Coin launches on Bittrex.

Newly launched online gambling-targeted cryptocurrency Breakout Coin (BRK) began its public coin sale Tuesday, hosted by reputable cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.

The sale kicked off with a target of 6,627,494 BRK in sales maxed at 19,500,000 BRK.

The new cryptocurrency was created by James Stroud, co-founder of CryptoCertify, IT specialist Paul Kim, professional poker player Randy Kim and Gian Perroni, who has held executive positions with companies such as Vuetech and Visionary iGaming.

“The online gambling industry generates over $42 billion in worldwide revenue annually, with another $96 billion in the video gaming space,” Paul Kim said. “The Breakout Coin will be used to denominate many of our gaming properties, and will be accepted at all of them, including our soon to launch eSports platform and our full digital game download store.”