Spent proceeds from sale of house to fund online gambling habit, a new car and a holiday
No winners in this sad tale that saw Brenda Lowe (46) jailed for three-years for defrauding her 91-year-old frail grandmother out of the proceeds of the sale of her house to fund her online gambling habit.
Lowe was entrusted with GBP 142 000 of Vera Frankish's money from the sale of her house when the elderly woman moved into a care home following a burglary.
The loss of the funds has left the pensioner unable to pay for her accommodation and she is GBP 6 500 in arrears at the Rosemount Care Home in Edgeley, Stockport.
Lowe was reportedly caught when her brother approached Frankish for a loan.
Admitting to fraud in the Minshull Street Crown Court, Lowe said she had used the money to pay for a car and a holiday but had spent the bulk of it internet gambling at online casino Jackpot Joy.
The court handed down an additional 8 months imprisonment to Lowe who admitted to selling George Michael concert tickets to 24 people on eBay for a total of GBP 8 000 without being in possession of the tickets.
Judge Peter Lakin of the Minshull Street Crown Court labeled Lowe's crimes as "mean".