Wednesday April 15,2015 : NEW BITCOIN POKER ROOM SET FOR LAUNCH (Update)

BurnTurn set to launch in Beta

The BurnTurn Bitcoin Poker room is expected to launch April 17th in Beta format offering what it terms a “full array of poker games”.

Readers will recall Open Source Industries Ltd (BurnTurn) in Antigua acquired Satoshi Poker from Dutch owner Bart van Oort in June 2014 via an auction held on the BitcoinTalk forum. 

The poker room was tipped for relaunch in the fourth quarter of 2014 but a bitter exchange between van Oort and current owner Brandon Castenconcerning terms of the contract with regard to refunding Satoshi Poker customers was hashed out publicly on a number of poker forums.

"We are extremely excited to jump into the online poker space, especially with the recent exit of our top Bitcoin Poker competitor," commented Casten, chief executive officer of BurnTurn.

"We are creating an online poker experience that caters to beginners and players that do not have access to a traditional online poker site. We are excited to welcome players from jurisdictions that have banned online poker or those seeking a much higher level of anonymity."

BurnTurn says it will deliver a “robust offering of free rolls and deposit bonuses” at launch of the offer.