Complying with legislative restrictions
According to the Spanish-dedicated information portal Red Poker, customers holding accounts with both and have been informed they may keep one account while the other will be closed.
An e-mail sent out to customers said:
"Subject: Your account has been closed at ( effective October 1
Dear user: XXXXXX
We contact you to inform you that in compliance with the legalization we have to close the account you have at (
The Gambling Act states that ‘the record must be unique per operator’, and the deadline for compliance is October 1.
Since our company operates in the market with brands, and, this legal requirement implies that our users can only open an account with, or / (these two share a platform).
For this reason, and because you have two accounts with us, we are forced to close one of them. We have identified your account at ( as the most suitable.  As of today, we have proceeded with closure of your account at (
If you prefer to keep your account open at ( and close your account at ( please contact us via e-mail.
To remove the balance on the account, you must contact our customer service department via e-mail at the following address:
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause due to legal limitation and hope to continue with confidence. We will keep you informed of any legal change that would allow you to re-open a second account with us in future."