Casino Wilds Launching Soon


New online casino offers customers more for their loyalty, says founder.

Malta-based newcomer Wild Interactive Ltd is touting its soon-to-launch Casino Wilds, a new online casino differentiating itself by offering a symbol collecting motivator to players in which the collection of classic symbols such as Cherries and 777 can be used as values in the casino’s VIP scheme, free spins, cash back and in-house jackpots.

"I am very proud  too present CasinoWilds to the world wide audience today, our new Casino widely differentiates itself compared  to our competitors and brings fun to loyalty with our unique symbol collecting,” said Daniel Sahlin, founder and creative director of CasinoWilds.

Founder of Wild Interactive Ltd, Sahlin, also serves as chief operating officer of Animated Games AB, founded in January 2013.  In a varied career, he previously filled the role of casino marketing consultant for LeoVegas Mobile Casino and was a games manager at WINUnited

A definitive launch date was not disclosed.