What Celebrity-a-Like Bingo player are you?

What Celebrity-a-Like Bingo player are you?
Shouting and screaming, quietly contemplating or strategically calculating – these are just a few of the bingo playing personas unveiled by a fun new app this week.
Titled Bingo Appy, the platform allows UK users to play bingo for real money against families and friends within Facebook, signalling an evolution of the pastime since it rose in popularity in the ‘sixties.
To mark the shift towards social bingo, Bingo Appy has identified five different personas of bingo players, matching each player profile to a Brit celebrity with similar traits:
• Flamboyant: Shouts and screams at the screen, loves to show off and share good and bad news on social media, life and soul of the chat room
• Strategic: Thorough and mathematical, takes their time to work the odds of each game
• A social butterfly: Plays for friendship not winning, is very active in multiple chatrooms, is well-liked by many different people
• Secretive: Bingo is a guilty pleasure and is used as a form of escapism, keeps themselves to themselves
• The closer: No messing about, plays to win, turns a profit
It’s not meant to be taken too seriously, and the matched celebrities make for interesting reading.
More at Bingo-appy.com.