Tuesday January 20,2015 : BIG WIN AT WINADAY ONLINE CASINO
Chinatown delivers a $205,200 windfall.
The WinADay online casino reports that player AlisonP is its latest jackpot winner, scoring $205,200 on the Chinatown slot.
The lucky player, who has been a member at WinADay since 2012, intends to pay off debt, buy a new car for her mother and travel to Rio for the Olympics next year, casino management reports.
Casino manager Michael Hilary says that AlisonP's win is the third consecutive jackpot over $200,000 at the casino, indicated that a greater number of players are creating bigger progressive jackpots.
Chinatown also recently rewarded another WinADay player, VeraM, with a $255,462 hit. Check out ChinaTown Here