Tuesday September 15,2015 : U.S. TOPS 2014 TOTAL GAMING SPEND RANKING

Claims industry specific news agency report.

According to industry news agency Agimeg.it, the United States heads a “total spend on betting and gaming” list for 2014 with $142.6 billion, followed by China which dipped to $95.4 billion, Japan $29.8 billion and Italy $23.9 billion.

Britain ranked fifth with $23.6 billion followed by Australia $20.3 billion, Germany with $14.6 billion, France $13 billion and Spain $10.9 billion.

According to the report Australia, however, took the top spot in terms of spend per head with an average of $1130 more than double that of Italy whose punters spent $492 on average placing the country eighth on the per head average ranking.

The report concludes with a forecast on the global gaming market in 2015 of $488 billion.