Thursday August 23,2012 : D.I.Y. POKER SHOW
Another ingenious idea to boost bragging
The US company Hall of is providing online poker players with an ingenious way to boost bragging rights – a free app that allows the player to turn a particularly memorable hand into a professional looking video featuring real actors and even a voice-over commentary.
The Hall of Hands publicity blurb claims that the app lets a player re-enact a hand in a live TV poker show with real actors and all the drama of a televised poker tournament, with running commentary and hole cards cam action.
"We simply collect your online poker activity while you play in any of your favorite poker rooms [including Zynga] allowing you to rerun each completed hand as a live TV Poker Show for your own benefit, or to post it for your friends to watch in awe on Facebook," the company claims.
Judging by the youtube usage, business is brisk – check it out here: