Sunday January 19 , 2014 :  NO TRUTH IN BIG POKER WIN RUMOUR
Dwan says he was actually losing in Macau….
Reports earlier this week that American online and live tournament poker professional Tom Dwan had won $25 million in a four-handed game in Macau have been denied.
Taking to Twitter late Friday as the rumour attracted coverage throughout the internet, Dwan tweeted:
"At the time of this bogus macau story 36hrs ago i was losing on my macau trip, and definitely hadnt won 25 million in a session."
It appears that the story was sparked by a so far unidentified individual who claimed to have witnessed Dwan first dropping $7 million and then recouping it in a rematch against two Asian professional players and an un-named billionaire, playing four-handed at the StarWorld Casino in Macau.