SOmething up at eBet? Trading suspended

Tuesday July 15 ,2014 : WHAT'S HAPPENING AT EBET?
Australian listed gambling supplier's shares suspended pending a price sensitive event.
Shares in eBet have been suspended from trading in Australia pending a “price sensitive” announcement; the company is engaged in the business of electronic gaming machine systems, wagering and online gaming technologies and distributes WMS equipment.
In a filing with the Australian Stock Exchange, eBet requested the suspension to allow an as yet undetailed share placement to be conducted in an orderly manner. It also plans to announce a related transaction at the same time, but is unclear it will be in a position to do so before July 16th, Management said.
The shares closed at a peak just before the weekend, reaching A$3.95.
Earlier this month the company announced guidance for net profit before tax of between A$3.5 million and A$3.7 million for the financial year ending 30 June 2014. This represents an increase of between 22 and 30 percent from the prior year and sets a new record for the company.