ASA Censors Fabulous Bingo

Wednesday June 20, 2012 : FABULOUS BINGO CENSURED BY ASA
Authority rules against flighting of ad in current form
A television advert for Fabulous Magazine's bingo website Fabulous was censured by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) this week.
The ad was challenged by the Gambling Reform and Society Perception Group as linking gambling to seduction, sexual success and enhanced attractiveness.
Featuring two women, one glamorous and the other drab sitting in a cafe while using a laptop to sign up for Fabulous Bingo, the drab is transformed into an attractive model at the hit of the register button.
The ASA upheld the complaint saying the ad could create the perception that playing at the branded website may enhance attractiveness and improve self image ruling that the ad may not be shown again in its current form.
Fabulous is licenced and operated by Gamesys subsidiary Entertaining Play Limited.