Facelt Raises another $15 Million in Funding

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 : E-SPORTS FIRM RAISES $15 MILLION IN FUNDING
Investors like the look of Facelt and its 3.5 million-strong player base.
Niccolo Maisto, who founded eSports provider Facelt in 2012 and is it’s CEO, has again gathered the confidence of investors behind his 3.5 million player enterprise, raising another $15 million in funding this week from savvy investors like Anthos Capital, Index Ventures and United Ventures.
The latest funding round follows a successful seed round last year in which Maisto convinced fund investors to put $2 million into his company, a decision justified since by outstanding performance and a growing multi-player fan base.
Facelt has partnered on projects with major companies like Turner Broadcasting and WME/IMG, and has used the streaming facility Twitch to good effect. Massimo says the additional capital will be deployed in an expansion into the United States, initiated by opening an office in Los Angeles.
“With this round of funding, we will be able to further our three-pronged mission for a competitive gaming platform: a robust competitive community for players and organizers, an easy-to-implement competitive layer for developers, and custom offerings for brands, tied to their products and services,” Massimo said this week.