FanDuel and DraftKings have agreed terms for Merger

Insiders claim that principal stakeholders in FanDuel and DraftKings have agreed terms that all can live with.
Speculation on a FanDuel-DraftKings merger of equals surged again this week on reports that three reliable insiders have leaked the news that the principal stakeholders in the two daily fantasy sports market leaders have agreed basic terms that all can live with.
The informants revealed that the plan is for DraftKings CEO Jason Robins to hold the operational reins, whilst FanDuel head Nigel Eccles occupies the chairmanship of the merged companies. The board will apparently consist of an equal number of directors from both companies
For the past two months at least there have been strong industry whispers that the two DFS giants were negotiating a merger that will combine their strengths and reduce their costs.
Neither company has so far commented on the situation, and the two managements are probably weighing the chances of anti-trust and competition authority problems in view of their shared majority of the DFS market.