Finnish Poker Pros Declining

Sunday July 31,2011  : Winnings are much harder to come by
Finnish professional internet poker players have declined from several thousand to around a thousand and internet poker is steadily losing popularity in the country reports Finnish news service
Rising standards in play are making it more difficult for professional players to make easy gains while Federal action in the U.S., having removed a large pool of players from the poker scene, has resulted in reduced profits for poker pro's.
Poker professional Aki Pyysing said: "winnings are much harder to come by these days.
“I am not getting the same results, although I am playing just as much. That indicates that the game is now tighter.”
With legal moves afoot to restrict foreign gambling websites, poker professionals in Finland will feel the pinch all the more as international online tables often offer bigger stakes with varied skill levels, giving the professionals a good chance at substantial winnings.
“If the law comes in, people will find a way to dodge it or they will move abroad,” said Pyysing.