France Pari Half Year 2013 Results

Perseverance pays off
French gambling operator France Pari benefited from an increase in recorded stakes reporting gross gaming revenues amounting to Euro 1 million, up 40 percent and total revenue amounting to Euro 5 million, up 20 percent during its 2013 first half year results.
“The online sportsbetting sector is now steadily growing in France, delivering an average 12 percent quarterly GGR growth over the last six quarters on an annual basis. The past three years have not been easy but we are seeing our hard work pay off, establishing Sportnco as the leading provider of sportsbetting platforms in France,” said Herve Schlosser, chairman and chief exec of France Pari.
"We are extremely happy to deliver profitable ventures to our B2B customers that have all continued operating with us on the French market, where many operators have quit over the last two years. On top of it, the GGR performances that we have delivered to them in this first half of 2013 are all way above the 11 percent market growth, which gives us strong confidence for the future.”
According to France-Pari, Sportnco customers JOA Online and Netbet reported 170 percent and 130 percent growth respectively.