Why is FullFlush Poker Still Down

Players remain unpaid as online poker operator disappears from social media and the internet.
Its now almost a month since Full Flush Poker went offline "for a platform upgrade" and stopped communicating with its reportedly many unpaid and unhappy players. All trace of the operator – and means to communicate with it – have vanished.
It has to be assumed that this is yet another chapter in a sad and infamous catalogue of sites that have folded, leaving players bereft. That includes names like Purple Lounge, Lock Poker, Absolute-UB, Everleaf Gaming, Stryyke, Eurolinx, Tusk and Pitbull amongst others.
The Equity Poker Network on which Full Flush operated has also apparently disappeared, with its Curacao license suspended (usually the only reason for a Curacao suspension is non-payment of licensing fees, which would gel with reports that the network had experienced financial difficulties after a number of its skins departed).
Long story short, there appears to be little likelihood now that the operators obligations to its unpaid players will be met; another painful learning experience for many on the necessity for careful research before making a deposit and playing.