Full Tilt’s new UK marketing campaign

New UK campaign "shares the experiences of players".
Despite its expansion into casino games, there's still a heavy online poker influence in Full Tilt's new UK marketing campaign, launched this week and scheduled to be delivered across a variety of media platforms.
Created by the company's advertising agency Simply Zesty, the campaign is designed to "showcase the drama of playing at Full Tilt from a player’s perspective," according to a statement from Full Tilt.
During the campaign, Brit players will be invited to create their own stories for reward.
In the vanguard of the campaign are television and video ads, commencing with two presentations titled The Call and The Bluff, which can be previewed here:

Dominic Mansour, Full Tilt's m.d. says:
"These cutting edge adverts showcase exactly what playing our games is all about – the psychological warfare, the bluffing, the fun and the drama that happens all day long at Full Tilt.
"A huge amount of time and effort has gone into the new brand and we’re thrilled to share the first of our stories with the UK.”