Tuesday March 3,2015 :  THE GAMBIA BANS GAMBLING

Government takes tough stance on mushrooming sports betting and gambling dens.

Africa’s smallest mainland country, predominately inhabited by followers of Islam and Christianity, has outlawed all forms of gambling including lotteries and casinos.

The Gambia Government has reportedly instructed gambling operators to cease all activities with immediate effect saying it was tackling the mushrooming sports betting and gambling den operations that are encouraging negative social values such as greed and avarice.

“…it is the duty of the Gambia Government to safeguard and promote the public welfare of our citizens,” a Government spokesperson said.  “One often sees pupils as young as seven years of age lining up at kiosks during school hours and spending their ‘lunch money’ on purchasing sports betting tickets.”

The Gambian Government said it will no longer allow those “unethical and exploitative businesses” to operate in the country and will vigorously protect its young from becoming a generation of compulsive and addicted gamblers.

“The social and economic costs are enormous and show up in the shattered lives of individuals and their families,” the Government said.