At last…

Geonomics’ (formerly Roboreus) much maligned GeoLotto game has eventually crowned its first millionaire.

The location-based game has had a long and bumpy history.  GeoSweep (now GeoLotto) was previously withdrawn from the UK by Roboreus (now Geonomics) due to a lack of performance\

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) then sunk around CAD$8.7 million in investment and another CAD$2 million in marketing spend to promote the product, ultimately unsuccessfully.

GeoLotto’s recent re-entry into the UK market, under Geo24 a joint venture between the Zeal Network (formerly Tipp24) and Geonomics offers UK customers an interactive Google map divided into location squares where players choose squares to “own” at GBP1 per play.

The lucky winner Roy Tyler from Leighton Buzzard placed his GBP 1 bet on his old hometown of Watford to win the top million pound prize in the Saturday draw this past weekend.

Henry Oakes, co-founder of Geonomics, commented: “We’re delighted to announce our first GeoLotto millionaire, this is a major event for both Geonomics and for Roy!”