Gordon Ramsay In New Social Game

Glu Mobile the developer.
The latest social game in the Glu Mobile Dash series features famously irritable international chef Gordon Ramsay and challenges players to start off flipping burgers at a cafe in San Francisco, playing through different levels and earning cash which can be used to upgrade equipment and improve performance under the watchful eye of the notoriously abrasive chef.
Ramsay himself started at the bottom of the culinary ladder and worked his way up to fame and fortune as an international acclaimed chef, and players can do the same in the game.
Players strive to expand their franchises, working up to nicer restaurants, better ingredients and aiming for Wishelin stars (geddit?)
“It gives an insight into my life. I started at a neighborhood bistro. I started with cheap produce, with no customers and an empty restaurant. Three in the kitchen with two in the dining room,” said Ramsey. “The actual app is exactly the same. You go back to the basics and then you build. But it does get serious. If you get better, I get firmer. If you get super good, I get harder. And if you get too good, then I am going to take you down,” Ramsay told TechCrunch in an interview this week.
See the details and graphics here:
https://techcrunch.com/2016/06/29/glu-debuts-new-dash-game-with-gordon-ramsay/ .