Posted 3/22/11 : Online operators will welcome latest change
Earlier this month it was a change from a tax on turnover to one on profits – now the Greek government has apparently also removed provision for a ‘black period' from its latest draft e-gaming bill currently before parliament.
The black period – a controversial interval during which applicants for a licence would have to cease all business involvement in the Greek market until a licence was awarded – raised concerns among many internet gambling operators with a significant stake in the Greek market.
There was speculation this week that the Greeks may be trying to avoid the delays and differences with the European Commission experienced by the Danes over similar moves last year.
Some of the other contentious restrictions still apply, such as the requirements for a Greek corporate presence, player ID cards and servers in-country, which are believed remain on the Greek agenda, but there has been some movement on the financial minimums demanded – down from Euro 500 000 to Euro 400 000, showing a Greek willingness to listen to interested parties.