Tuesday December 30,2014 : A GOOD WEEKEND FOR DANISH POKER ACE
Gus Hansen earns $636,000 over Saturday and Sunday.
Danish poker pro Gus Hansen, reportedly down around $20 million in online high stakes poker games, managed to leverage a little relief over last weekend by scoring an overall profit of $636,000.
Sunday, when he made a profit of $528,000 on fixed limit Omaha Eight or Better games, was the better of the two days, reports the publication High Stakes Data Base.
Hansen took most of his rewards from French nosebleed player Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau, an old opponent who excels in Triple Draw action, but on this occasion not so much in FLO8.
The Danish pro still has a mountain to climb to overcome his astonishingly long bad run and the millions of dollars he is down. The High Stakes Database reports that in 2014 alone he is down $5.2 million. with outstandingly poor results in draw games, Pot Limit Omaha, Eight Game and Mixed H.A.