Winners of £1,000,000 HDA confirmed

Tuesday October 07,2014 :  LUCKY ROI ON STAKE AT COLOSSUS BETS

Winners of £1,000,000 HDA confirmed

Football and sports jackpot operator Colossus Bets have confirmed the first winners of its £1,000,000 HDA15, in the 8th weekend since the bet has been offered.

2.5 tickets have won the pool, Colossus Bets said, each full ticket receiving GBP 200 000 for their GBP 2 stake and GBP 20 000 for those that staked 40p.

Several of the other winning tickets banked profits along the way with Colossus Bet’s  Fractional Cash option, though none of the winning ticket holders cashed-in fully and all of them hold at least 50 percent of their original ticket.

Each player will additionally have a free pick at the GBP 500,000 bonus pot by predicting the outcome of Sunday’s League One match between Barnsley and Bradford.

“Sure lots of favourites won, but winning £20,000 for a 40p spend which one player has managed, is some feat,” said David O’Reilly, chief operating officer at Colossus Bets.  “There was no Cash-Ins done on that ticket – maybe the player slept through the later legs on Sunday and will wake up to a pleasant surprise Monday morning!”