Hit or Miss New Poker Tournament Format

Friday September 26,2014 :   New NLH tournament format- win $$$ through ‘Hit or Miss’ at partypoker.com!

Ever wished that you’d lasted just one more place on the final table, and climbed that ladder one more rung for a better pay-out or a bigger prize? Well, in a brand new format of NLH tournament happening right now at partypoker.com you might not have to!

In our new Hit or Miss tournaments, the pressure builds all the way to the finish line. In Hit or Miss tournaments every other payout is a “miss” that awards a ticket to a consolation prize tournament instead of cash. That means that the remaining payouts – the “Hits” – pay out more cash than in comparative tournaments.

So you can win more but you have to avoid the additional payout pitfalls to do so! For more information see: http://www.partypoker.com/whats-going-on/tournaments/hit-or-miss.html