Wsop Champ Jerry Yang has IRS Problems

Thursday March 21,2013 : YANG CONFIRMS PROBLEMS WITH I.R.S. (Update)
But claims he is still financially safe
The shocking news that former 2007 World Series of Poker champ Jerry Yang's winner’s bracelet and other valuables were up for auction by the IRS to secure unpaid taxes  shocked many in the industry who knew the poker ace well.
This week he confirmed that he had been involved in an unpaid taxes issue with the taxman, claiming that bad financial advice and funds locked in fixed deposits with a leading bank had prevented him from paying the IRS on time.
In an interview with Fifth Street Radio, Yang also revealed that he had kept his promise to donate 10 percent of his multi-million dollar WSOP winnings to charity before he had paid his IRS dues.
The modest former champion said that he is still financially secure, thanks mainly to a restaurant in which he is invested, and is working on his IRS case, aided by an accountant.