264 disputes handled by regulator’s Dispute Resolution Officer in 2014.
The Kahnawake Gaming Commission's dispute resolutions office has published its report for the full year 2014, noting that 246 complaints were lodged, and 18 outstanding cases from the previous year made up a total of 264 disputes with KGC licensees.
Of this total, 57 did not satisfy the Commission’s criteria and were not accepted as valid complaints.
The 207 remaining and validated complaints were categorised into the following subject matters:
* 30 complaints pertained to locked or closed player accounts;
* 66 complaints pertained to late, delayed, or non-payment to player;
* 49 complaints pertained to questions of fairness on operator sites;
* 62 complaints were categorized as miscellaneous.
The validated complaints were disposed of as follows:
* 12 remain unresolved, pending, or outstanding (as of December 31, 2014). These outstanding complaints will be carried forward for the next report period covering January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015.
* 195 have been resolved, with 115 (or 58.97 percent) closed or dismissed as unfounded; 80 (or 41.03 percent) were upheld in whole or part in favour of the complainant.