Kambi Group full year 2015 financial report


Achieves all time high in fourth quarter revenue and operating margins.

In its fourth quarter and full year 2015 financial report, Kambi Group plc reported a strong finish in terms of revenues and organic growth.

The company hailed fourth quarter results saying revenues and operating margins represented an all time high. 

Key financial highlights for the fourth quarter and full year periods ending December 31, 2015 include:

–    A 53 percent increase in revenues amounting to Euro 14.2 million (Q4/2014: Euro 9.3 million) in the fourth quarter and full year revenues of Euro 47.7 million (FY/2014: Euro 36 million) an increase of 32 percent.

–    Fourth quarter operating profit of Euro 3.3 million (Q4/2014: Euro 0.6 million) with a margin of 23 percent.  Full Year operating profit of Euro 7.4 million (FY/2014: Euro 2.2 million), with a margin of 16 percent (FY/2014: 6 percent).

–    Profit after Tax amounted to Euro 2.9 million (Q4/2014: Euro 0.2 million) and Full Year profit after tax was Euro 6.2 million (FY/2014: Euro 1 million).

–    Earnings per share for the fourth quarter of 2015 were Euro 0.099 (Q4/2014: Euro 0.008) and Euro 0.208 (FY/2014: Euro 0.037) for the full year 2015

“Kambi’s organic growth accelerated in the fourth quarter and led to the strongest quarter to date. This is continued proof of the quality of Kambi’s services, the success of our operators and the entertainment value the Kambi Sportsbook can offer their players,” said Kristian Nylén, chief executive officer of Kambi.