Wednesday March 4,2015 :  LEGENDZ SPORTS OWNERS CONVICTED (Update)
Three Florida men and a local corporation found guilty on illegal international gambling and money laundering.
Three Florida men behind Legendz Sports, a successful online sports betting operation that survived for a decade before being dismantled by US federal authorities have been convicted in a federal Oklahoma City court and will be sentenced within the next few months.
Fifty-year-olds Paul Tucker and Luis Robles, and 58-year-old Christopher Tanner were found guilty Tuesday of racketeering, conducting an illegal gambling business and conspiracy to commit money laundering through their Zapt Electrical Sales, Inc.
The court heard evidence that the three men conspired from 2003 to 2013 to operate internet and telephone gambling services from Panama City, Panama, through an enterprise known as Legendz Sports.
Authorities say the enterprise took more than $1 billon in illegal wagers, mostly from United States gamblers.