Friday August 24,2012 : BETFRED FOLDS ON GRANNY BET (Update)
A smart decision in the face of overwhelming public criticism
Betfred's face-off with Brit granny Linda Aldred is over; after consulting with IBAS the gambling group has agreed to pay the gambling granny her GBP 1000 in winnings, saying it was the "right thing to do."
Betfred faced a press and social media storm earlier this week when it voided a GBP 5 bet placed by Aldred at 200 to 1 that her Olympic gymnast grandson Sam Oldham would win a medal.
The gymnastics team in which he was a member won bronze, but initially Betfred disqualified the bet on grounds that it was a team and not an individual medal award. Olympic team events generally result in a medal given to each team member.