Lithuania Gambling Blacklist Updated

Regulator has some harsh things to say about Unibet.
Following the latest update this week, there are now almost a hundred online gambling sites listed on the Lithuania Gaming Control Authority's blacklist for ISP blocking, allegedly for accessing Lithuanian punters without the requisite licensing.
The idea behind the black list, which is approved by the Ministry of Finance, is to block access to the sites and – with the cooperation of the domestic financial services industry – disrupt player-operator financial transactions.
Online gambling group Unibet appears on the latest update with ten entries, some carried over from the original list and attracting particular venom from the regulator, which in a statement accused the company of ‘maliciously' switching Internet domains in a systematic manner in order to circumvent the ISP blocking orders, thus violating Lithuanian law.
Apparently Unibet is not the only company alleged to be using this subterfuge – Lithuanian authorities have previously decried the use of the tactic by blacklisted online gambling companies.