Thursday September 13, 2012 :  HI-TECH APP AIDS PADDY POWER PUNTERS
"Point ‘n Shoot" odds on Premier League matches
Online and land betting group Paddy Power has added a powerful new mobile weapon to its sales armoury – an app that delivers live odds direct to iPhones simply by pointing the camera at a televised match. Get App Here
The app recognises which match is being watched and displays real-time odds. Future matches can also be swiped and added to the iPhone calendar.
Sylvie McDermott, sportsbook mobile manager for Paddy Power, said: “We are confident punters will embrace this completely new and fun way to get the latest Paddy Power odds."
The app was developed by TVTak, and carries statistics, league fixtures, results and news, along with a dedicated section for Paddy Power’s money-back specials and daily promotions.