The delectable Trisha Canatella and Amanda Kimmel will star in new show
Trisha Canatella and Amanda Kimmel, reality show veterans and poker players of note, are to star in a new reality poker television show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Titled "Living the Life", the Canadian show will see the duo travelling the world and competing with one another both on and off the felt.
Running Hooks Pictures of Montreal is producing the series, starting with a two-part pilot, with shooting scheduled to start within the next two weeks, initially in Los Angeles but then moving to Barcelona in Spain for the European Poker Tour tournament in that city.
Initially a documentary, Living the Life became a reality TV series to boost its worldwide sales potential.
Producer Josh Kimmel, who is not related to Amanda, explained that the show will take the camera beyond the poker cards to how the two reality TV stars react to winning and losing, both at the poker table and beyond it.
“Documentaries don’t have the big fan base that reality TV series do,” Kimmel said. He is currently in talks with major networks interested in airing the completed series.