One week on from its release at ICE, the slot ‘Lost' is delivering good numbers
Betsoft Gaming's latest 5 reel, 30 pay-line 3D video slot ‘Lost' is attracting substantial numbers of players only a week on from its launch at the ICE show in London, according to licensee operators.
The game is a sally into the mysteries and wonders of ancient Egypt, in which players follow the adventures of the adventurous archaeologist Dr. Dakota Bones and his trusty assistant Farooq as they uncover the riches of tombs long lost and forgotten.
Adding the mandatory threat of mummified dangers is Pharaoh Ah-Amded, who vigorously protects his afterlife treasures from 21st century trespassers.
"Lost" was a smashing success at the show," says Anthony Locke, BetSoft's head of product development. "This is only the beginning of the Slots 3 products we have in store for 2012."