Casino Revenues Dive In Macau

Monday October 6,2014 :  MACAU REVENUES DIVE

For the fourth consecutive month

Beijing’s anti-corruption campaign and tough economic conditions continue to have a negative effect on Macau gambling revenues which fell 11.7 percent in September 2014 compared to the same period 2013.

Although September revenues, in decline for the fourth consecutive month, fell to 25.6 Billion Patacas (US$ 3.21 Billion) from 29 Billion Patacas in September 2013, the results were still ahead of analysts predictions, driving some Macau casino share prices up.

On a positive note, China’s annual week-long National Day holidays, which began October 1, 2014, show mainland Chinese visitors to Macau up 14 percent  in the first five days confirmed the Macau Government Tourist Office.